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Wenonah Canoe

Wenonah Canoe Aurora 16 Kevlar Ultralight Black Trim - 2021

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Product description

General Touring / Aurora

We designed the Aurora for exploring, day-tripping, and moving water adventures. The Aurora is a downsized version of the Spirit II--a nimble 16-foot canoe with plenty of stability and efficiency.

The Aurora is shorter than the Spirit, but still carries a load. It turns quicker in moving water and is ideal for exploring Northwoods rivers. Like the Spirit, the Aurora has an efficient hull that glides smoothly across the water, confidence-inspiring stability and predictable performance in wind and waves. There's good reason the Aurora is among our best selling canoes.


16' 0"  (487.68cm)
Gunwale Width
35"  (88.9cm)
Maximum Width
36"  (91.44cm)
Waterline Width
35.5"  (90.17cm)
Stern Depth
18"  (45.72cm)
Center Depth
14"  (35.56cm)
Bow Depth
21"  (53.34cm)
1.5"  (3.81cm

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