The Toaster Fleece liner is great as a sleeping bag substitute in a variety of situations. Use one on a hut trip, where temperatures won’t dip too low overnight. Or use one on a summer paddling where the sleeping bag may come into contact with sand. The Fleece Liner can easily be washed in a washing machine unlike your down sleeping bag. A Toaster Fleece can also be used as a sleeping bag liner in very cold conditions. A full-length zipper makes getting into and out of the Fleece Liner really simple.

Does the Toaster Fleece Liner...?

  • Work for backpacking? No. The 20oz weight and 5L packed volume are heavier and bulkier than most backpackers would consider. Cold weather performance users may opt for the Thermolite Reactor Fleece Liner.
  • Need special care when being washed? No! The Toaster Fleece Liner can be washed in a washing machine with normal supermarket laundry ‘soap’ and dried in a dryer, using cool or low heat. Fabric softeners will reduce wicking performance of the fabric.
  • Work as a stand-alone sleeping bag? In many cases, yes. The only factor to be aware of is that the fleece fabric is not windproof.

How to Choose

The Toaster Fleece is Perfect For...

  • Warm-weather campers who need an easy-care sleeping bag they can easily wash sand out of
  • Hut-trip users who want a simple, relatively light sleeping bag
  • Campers looking to extend the performance of a sleeping bag for winter use

Other Liner Options

  • The Reactor Extreme Liner is a much more compact, alternative as a cold-weather sleeping bag liner
  • Performance-oriented, weight-focused end users may opt to use a Reactor Fleece Liner as an extremely cold-weather sleeping bag liner


  • Polyester fleece fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Full-length zip makes it easy to get in and out
  • Ideal for use as a sleeping bag in warmer weather or sandy environments
  • Easy care – machine wash; no special soap is needed. Avoid fabric softeners & dryer sheets to maintain wicking performance