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Swift Kayak

Swift Kayak Kiwassa 13.2 LT LV KF Cobalt/Cobalt 4325-1017 DEMO

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Product description

Our Kiwassa series kayaks were designed to harmonize functionality with performance, and their popularity is a testament to the success of their design. Taking their design features a step further, the Kiwassa 13.2 LT utilizes a high-performance mid-range length while removing the hatches to reduce weight. Remarkably light for a boat its size, the 13.2 LT is a fusion between the comfort of a recreational boat and the performance of a touring kayak. With portaging now an ease, and with enough performance to tackle nearly any waterway, the Kiwassa 13.2 LT will help you cover ground without sacrificing comfort along the way.

  • Length: 13'2"
  • Maximum Width: 25.5"
  • Waterline Length: 12'8"
  • Centre Depth: 14"
  • Cockpit Size: 33" x 17"
  • Kevlar Fusion34 lbs