Sweet Strutter

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  • "Color: Gloss White","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: Gloss White","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: Bird Blue","Size: S/M"
  • "Color: Bird Blue","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: Bird Blue","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: Dirt Black","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: Dirt Black","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: Scorch Red","Size: S/M"
  • "Color: Scorch Red","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: Scorch Red","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: Matte Racing Green Metallic","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: Matte Racing Green Metallic","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: Bird Blue Metallic","Size: S/M"
  • "Color: Bird Blue Metallic","Size: M/L"
  • "Color: LE Navy/Blue/Metallic","Size: L/XL"
  • "Color: LE Pearl/White/Metallic","Size: M/L"

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The first and the purest, the Sweet Strutter kayak helmet provides high performance protection in a lightweight and low volume construction. Designed after a baseball cap, the Strutter helmet offers sleek features and incredible protection. The carbon-reinforced composite main shell curves around the head and hugs the nape of the neck, distributing energy while keeping the volume as low as possible.

A high-impact PE occipital band grips your skull from underneath, preventing the helmet from rolling and protecing your occipital lobe. The multi-impact EPP foam liner doesn't absorb water and offers excellent memory, while a soft velour lining gives extra comfort.

Included fit kits and adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit of your helmet for better protection and comfort. Get maximum styling and protection with the Sweet Protection Strutter whitewater kayak helmet.

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