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Swift Canoe

Swift Canoe Shearwater KF Emerald/Cham CKT CSP/ Kayak FB 11527-318 Consignment

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Product description

The Shearwater is a roomy, stable solo tripper that is most at home on open water. With its high weight capacity and generous length you can bring all the gear you need and still cruise with ease. For long range solo trippers, or for those who need room for gear or a four legged partner, the Shearwater is the way to go.

Weight (Kevlar Fusion) 31 lbs

Length 16'2"

Gunwale Width 26"

Maximum Width 30"

Waterline Width 28"

Center Depth 12.5"

Bow height 19"

Stern height 16"

Bow Rocker 1.5"

Stern Rocker 1"

Optimum Load Range 180-320 lbs

Industry Capacity 475 lbs

Have a custom Swift kayak built in the colors YOU choose! See the swatches below for options - give us a call! 315-369-6672, x1