Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarwash Spray On 17oz (500 ml)

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Product description

Tent & Gear Solarwash

Easy to use technical cleaner with UV protection for cotton, canvas and synthetic tents, awnings marquees, rucksacks, paniers and camera bags.

Cleans effectively, revitalises water repellency, and improves the useful life of fabrics by protecting against UV deterioration.

Why exposure to UV can compromise synthetic materials...

Synthetic fabrics used for tents and rucksacks are coated with a water repellent treatment. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light both destroys the water repellency and leads to a reduction in fabric tear strength, significantly shortening the lifespan of equipment.

The application of Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® can double the effective life of equipment by cleaning and protecting against UV damage, while also revitalising Durable Water Repellency (DWR) to keep the rain out.

Tent and rucksack fabrics are light and strong, but vulnerable...

Tents and rucksacks use synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or polyester, with a thin watertight polyurethane (PU) or elastomeric coating on the inside and a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating on the outside. This combination gives great strength and water resistance, combined with light weight, ideal attributes for outdoor equipment.

Unfortunately these fabrics are vulnerable to sunlight and in two weeks of continuous exposure, can lose up to half of their strength. Additionally, the inner coating will degrade if it is left damp for long periods.

Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® cleans the entire fabric, and protects from the effects of both UV and water.

Anyone who is active outdoors needs waterproof equipment...

Whether it be a day-to-day rucksack, panniers on your bike, or a tent for summer holidays, most of us have outdoor equipment of some description. Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® helps your equipment to work better and for longer. Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® saves you money by potentially doubling the useful life of your gear.

Being WaterBased, Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® is safe to apply...

Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® is a safe product to use on your outdoor equipment. It is WaterBased, non-flammable, and fluorocarbon free.

Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® has been specifically designed and optimised for outdoor equipment to clean effectively, revive water repellency (DWR) and add ultraviolet (UV) protection.. Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® can be applied to wet or dry fabrics. If your equipment is wet there is no need to wait for it to dry before you treat it with Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash®

For best results make sure you use the correct product...

Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® has been specifically formulated for cleaning effectively, reviving water repellency (DWR) and adding ultraviolet (UV) protection to all weatherproof textiles, including cotton, canvas and all synthetic fabrics.

For effective cleaning of outdoor clothing, and synthetic sleeping bags, use Nikwax Tech Wash®

Like all Nikwax products, Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® is safe to use...

Nikwax takes great care to minimise the effect of Nikwax products on the environment and on you, the consumer. Nikwax waterproofing products are WaterBased, non-aerosol and non-flammable. They contain no harmful solvents and are completely free of fluorocarbons (which have been shown to be persistent in the environment and have been associated with serious health issues).

Apply Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® by hand...

    Erect tent OR protect working surface and lay item flat.

    Spray evenly to outside of fabric. For large items apply in sections.

    Rub in well with a damp cloth/sponge, paying attention to particularly dirty areas. Use a soft nylon brush if necessary to remove stubborn stains.

    Rinse with clean water using a cloth or sponge.


Item(s) should be air dried. Allow item(s) to fully dry before packing away

*Marks may appear on fabric if excess product is not wiped away. Test on a hidden area first.

Use approximately 50ml of product per 1m2 of fabric.

The coverage is approximate and depends on the condition of the fabric being treated.

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