MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove

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Product description

This enhanced PocketRocket stove boasts premium features, including a pressure regulator that makes it ideal for all-condition environments, offering consistently faster boil times than non-regulated canister-mounted stoves. Just a smidge heavier (10 g/ 0.3 oz, or the weight of two nickels) than the PocketRocket 2 stove, this ultralight deluxe version features the most durable push-start Piezo Igniter we've ever built and a broad burner head for better heat distribution and simmering. For backpackers traveling fast & light on the trail, or a quick weekend in the Cascade Range, this deluxe model offers one of the best overall cooking experiences in its ultralight class.

    Consistently Fast: Pressure regulator maintains stove's fast boil times even in cold weather & with low fuel.

    Ultralight: Just 83 g (2.9 oz) and ultra-packable; expands the menu options for ultralight backpacking.

    Push-Start Ignition: Fast, reliable piezo lighting; spark igniter is protected inside burner for maximum durability.

    Broad Burner: Improves wind resistance and combines with simmer control for excellent cooking versatility; wind-blocking burner lip.

Width (Standard)

2.2 in

Weight (Standard)

2.9 oz

Length (Standard)

1.8 in

Height (Standard)

3.3 in

Minimum Weight (Standard)

2.9 oz

Minimum Weight (Metric)

0.08 kg

Packaged Weight (Standard)

3.4 oz

Packaged Weight (Metric)

0.10 kg

Burn time (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g / 8-oz. canister

60 minutes

Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g canister

17 liters

Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 1 oz. of fuel

2.2 liters

Boil time (MSR IsoPro), 1 liter

3.5 minutes

Country of Origin