Jackson Kayak Karma Large - 2017

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Jackson Kayak’s latest Creek Boat takes a big leap forward to give you groundbreaking speed and hard-carving edges while maintaining our tradition of easy-paddling designs. The Karma is fast, stable, and easily boofs over anything in its way. The planing hull makes it impervious to boils and cross-currents while the narrow bow-shape softens the landings. This fast yet friendly design gives paddlers of every skill level the confidence to push the clock or just your limits. With the No Holes construction for a dry ride and a Uni-Shock bulkhead to protect your ankles and your investment. Available in 3 sizes, the S, M, and L.


  • Max paddler (lbs)165 to 300
  • Size (inseem + footsize)0 to 55
  • Cockpit Size36.5x21.5
  • Height15
  • Length9'
  • MaterialLinear Poly
  • Model Year2016
  • MSRP (US $)$1199
  • Opt Overall210
  • Opt PlayboatingNa
  • Opt River Running185-300
  • Rear HatchNo
  • Rudder ReadyNo
  • Rudder TypeNa
  • Seat TypeWW (Pad)
  • Total Capacity325
  • Volume103
  • Weight (Pounds)54
  • Width28
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