Immersion Research J-Lo Spray Skirt

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The J-Lo spray skirt is a women’s specific version of of our very popular Shockwave skirt. It has the same basic features as the Shockwave: It’s a bungee-style skirt with 4mm Supratex neoprene deck, glued, taped and blind stitched seams and has sticky silicone anti-implosion patches on the under sides of the outer casing. But the J-Lo has a tunnel that’s 2″ shorter and a tad stretchier than the Shockwave. It’s a small change but it can make all the difference with a comfortable fit. The J-lo, like the Shockwave, has minimal extra reinforcement and that makes it easy to stretch and get on a boat- great for beginner and intermediate paddlers. If you need something for bigger whitewater, ask us about trimming down the tunnel on some of our stouter skirts.

See for sizing.

Skirt Style: Bungee

Cockpit Sizes Available: MD-XL

Front rim reinforcement: None

Ease to get on boat (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best)4

Dryness (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best)2

Implosion Resistance (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best)1

Durability (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best)2

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