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Lengthen your truck with the EXTEND-A-TRUCK. One model fits any pickup or SUV with a Class III Insertion Hitch. Long loads are easilly secured and safer to haul above or behind the truck with the EXTEND-A-TRUCK.

 Installs in seconds
 Adjustable height for roof top hauling
 Adjustable height for bed extension
 4' wide support
 Stores flat behind the seat
 Red flag is included
 Remove in seconds

The EXTEND-A-TRUCK takes the majority of weight and strain from your roof rack and eliminates scratches and bumps caused when loading long items on the vehicle.

Bed Level Position

 Width of top bar 49"
 Reaches back 53" from hitch
 Reaches 15.5" - 23" above hitch

Vertical Position (Roof Top Hauling)

 Width of top bar 49"
 Reaches 55" - 62.5" above hitch

 350lb load capacity

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