Atlas Ws Rendezvous Elektra

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The Rendezvous and Elektra Rendezvous feature Atlas’ patent-pending Light-RideTM Suspension (LRS), engineered for comfort and efficiency with every step. The hassle-free StrappTM binding provides excellent arch support in gender-specific lasts so you can stay out on the trail longer.

    Technology + Features


        Light-Ride™ Suspension

        Strapp™ Binding

        Nytex Decking

        Twin-Trac™ Toe Crampon

        Heel Cleat


    Elektra Design

    The Elektra women’s designs grew from a two-year biomechanics research program to a deep line of successful women’s snowshoes that continue to lead the industry. Our Elektra frames are shaped to accommodate a woman’s natural gait, with tapered tails, a narrower nose and outside rolling bends that nest the snowshoes together comfortably. Since women’s needs are more than frame-deep, our binding designs are molded around a women’s boot last, offer increased arch support and use carefully-placed strapping and padding to eliminate pressure points and keep circulation moving in the cold.

    Nytex Decking

    Flexible Nytex decking is forgiving and quiet when hiking in the cold, providing durability without the weight.

    Strapp Binding

    The Strapp™ binding offers Wrapp™ binding function - molded arch support, one-pull Uniloop design, no-hassle straps and gender-specific lasts - with a minimalist approach at an increased value.

    Twin-Trac Toe Crampon

    Sure footing on two planes, the Twin-Trac™ toe crampon uses a sturdy row of front points and two side teeth to keep your foot from twisting.

    Heel Cleat

    Our first patent revolutionized snowshoe performance and created an industry standard. The heel cleat adds traction and stability for climbing, descending and traversing varied terrain.

    Light-Ride Suspension

    Light-Ride Suspension (LRS) is the perfect blend of comfort and function, allowing your foot to articulate naturally and cushioning impact for smooth striding on mellower terrain.


Product Size Chart





Surface Area





Elektra Rendezvous 23

23 in (58 cm)

145 sq in
(935 sq cm)

3.17 lbs (1.44 kg)

80-160 lbs
(36-73 kg)

Elektra Rendezvous 27

27 in (69 cm)

176 sq in
(1135 sq cm)

3.35 lbs (1.52 kg)

120-200+ lbs
(54-91+ kg)


*Load refers to total weight of user plus anything they are carrying such as pack, equipment, etc.
Recommended loads are based on light, dry snow conditions. Powder snow may require a larger snowshoe.


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